At Main Event Merchandise Group, we build world-class web stores that enable customers to consolidate vendors and save money.

We use cutting-edge technology for these sites, and our ecommerce sites not only make the process cost-effective for you, they make the process entertaining, exciting and fun for your clients and employees.

Our state-of-the art ecommerce stores make product-search and purchase experience a memorable, enjoyable, productive experience.

While some companies outsource this service, we do not. Our vertical, adjust-in-time operations benefit our customers and clients, consolidating what can be a complicated process into a single, one-stop solution. And because we do this in-house, there is no lag time at Main Event for your ecommerce programs.

All Main Event e-commerce web sites are maintained in-house by our own customer service representatives. Our fulfillment center, located in Indianapolis, Ind., offers a warehouse and quick-stop shipment facility.

Whenever your orders need to be fulfilled, Main Event is equipped to handle your needs – and in a way that provides you peace of mind.

Our detailed reporting system, available to customers, keeps you up to date on orders. Our highly-secured facilities provide safe warehousing, pick-and-pack order fulfillment and faster end product delivery coast to coast.

Some services included with our e-commerce sites:

For the industry’s most-innovative, high-quality ecommerce and fulfillment services, please contact Main Event.